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Vickram Bedi

New York based business adviser

Business Adviser, Writer, & Advocate

Vickram Bedi is a writer and business adviser based in New York. Vickram Bedi began his professional career back in 1990, working for his father’s company. From 1990-1993 worked in system design and sales at I.C.C./Valcom, where sales wee over $10 million a year. In 1993, Vickram went on the work for another one of his father’s companies, Infostar. At Infostar, Vickram Bedi worked as Sales Manager and Product Designer. During this time, Vickram designed and marketed the World’s First Pentium Based Laptop build with a 3.3 Volt Pentium Processor. The product was rated 75 Mhz, which was a first in terms of speed design. It later went on to win Laptop Buyers Guide and Handbook’s Best Buy Award in 1994. In March of 1995, Vickram Bedi founded Datalink Computer Products with his father, Baba Dr. Dina Nath Bedi.

“Whatever kind of seed is sown in a field, prepared in due season, a plant of that same kind, marked with the peculiar qualities of the seed, springs up in it.”

-Baba Nanak

More recently, Vickram Bedi has worked as a writer and business adviser in New York. He was recognized with the 2018 Top Writer Award from Quora and has been published in 10 newspapers in India over the last two years.

Apart from his career, Vickram is equally passionate about Baba Nanak’s teachings and how they are relevant today. He is also thoroughly interested in seeking greater global harmony based on the message of Baba Nanak. Vickram Bedi is also passionate about sharing the history of India and the future of technology. Alongside his father’s works, Vickram Bedi is passionate about the long term empowerment of those who were disabled and underprivileged at that access to technology could serve as making the playing field more level.